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The Systemic Design Group was created in order to connect, combine and leverage diverse backgrounds and skills around the topic of Systemic Design. It was founded by Fabian Gampp, Gian Wieck and Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl in 2019. Over the years, the projects and ideas initiated within the framework of the Systemic Design Group developed, grew into stand-alone initiatives and organizations (see below).

We had the privilege to collaborate with outstanding organizations such as Stifterverband, EIT Climate-KIC, and GLS-Bank. Thanks to all members, advisors and friends who supported and accompanied the development of the Systemic Design Group along the way:

Members & Friends
Andreas Stellwag, Georg Wagener-Lohse, Kate Goodwin, Philipp Rösler, Tasman Papworth and Virginie Gailing

Dr. Louis Klein and Dr. Petra Weschenfelder

With gratitude,
Fabian Gampp, Gian Wieck and Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl


Our future work continues to be driven by our initial vision:

We want to help people and organizations to navigate complexity by fostering a systemic mindset and perspective that empathizes on environmental, financial and social value. Our initiatives:

Learn how to use systems thinking and system mapping to frame and explore complex challenges. We used our experience in Systemic Design projects to develop a comprehensive process and training to help you on your systemic challenges.



Zero+ supports owners, project developers and municipalities in a multi-stage, participatory process in the development of concepts and the monitoring of projects for sustainability, for living buildings and urban neighborhoods.


Empathy Talks

Empathy Talks are a pathway to creating micro-moments of connection and reflection on sticky issues of community concern. By gathering voices from the field and creating a mutual felt sense between humans, Empathy Talks aim to build capability and practices leading to system transformation.


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