ZERO+ supports owners, project developers and municipalities in a multi-stage, participatory process in the development of concepts and the monitoring of projects for sustainability, for living buildings and urban neighborhoods.

The future is not something that happens to us, but something we can actively shape with every action we take and every decision we make."

Our philosophy - Team ZERO+
ZERO+ creates shared visions for sustainability and demonstrates the process for achieving this system state.
We thus help to develop a resilient, autonomous and harmonious construction or development project. Only this enables planning and acting in accordance with the system.
We wonder how …

… do we already grasp the future challenges at the beginning of a construction or development project?

… do we enable affordable, sustainable construction?

… do places that are real living spaces come into being?

An Invitation.

“I invite you: let's not build a building alone but together a process that takes into account the interests of all those involved and affected and thus contributes to sustainability.”

Andreas StellwagInitiator ZERO+

The influence on a project is greatest at the beginning. However, the relationships between the requirements and the given framework conditions are often not sufficiently considered in this phase. Changes then have to be introduced later, sometimes at considerable financial expense. Thus, future conflicts are pre-programmed and essential opportunities are not realized.

Discover systemic interrelationships.

“Only the view of the systemic interrelationships, the understanding of the real quantitative and qualitative influencing variables and the joint elaboration of impact networks create spaces for sustainability.”

Georg Wagener-LohseSystemic Consultant and Sustainability Expert

It is important to increase the density of information to a maximum already during the development of the projects, i.e. before the planners are commissioned, and to thoroughly investigate and weigh the consequences of different scenarios and objectives. The decisive factor here is the analysis of system interrelationships. This is the only way to enable clients to make sustainable, cost-effective decisions at the start of the project and to formulate coherent tasks and project goals.

" ... ZERO+ creates a successful platform of dialog between requirement and solution. Through the active participation of all parties involved and through the concrete visualization of the relationships between requirements, framework conditions and goals, building owners are enabled to make viable and sustainable decisions and to get projects on track ..."


Turning those affected into participants.

“Where do we want to go? What is important to us? What moves us? In a participatory process, we become aware of these questions and develop the right answers - together.”

Sebastian Wolf SiebzehnrüblSystemic Consultant and Moderator

With the involvement of those affected and selected experts, problems and conflicts are identified, evaluated and resolved at an early stage in a multi-stage process.

The collaboration of those involved in ZERO+ -owners, initiators, knowledge holders, users, neighbors, authorities, creative people, engineers, lawyers and business experts- releases knowledge and creativity at a very early stage, a time when developments are still malleable to the maximum.


Georg Wagener-Lohse

Systemic Consultant and Sustainability Expert

Georg Wagener-Lohse

Dr.-Ing. Georg Wagener-Lohse studied mechanical and process engineering and then worked in coal research. The Chernobyl reactor catastrophe put him on the track of not only wanting to understand everything scientifically, but also to shape necessary social developments with competence. After training as an energy manager (TU Berlin), he then embarked on a consulting path for the energy transition in various positions in the state of Brandenburg. For the last 10 years he has also been working in projects for holistic system analysis, since 2017 increasingly for societal transformation, so that a life within planetary boundaries becomes possible.

Andreas Stellwag

Architect and Planner

Andreas Stellwag

Dipl. Ing. Architect and General Planner Andreas Stellwag has been involved in the development, planning and realization of sustainable buildings and urban quarters for over 20 years. His work includes conversion and renovation projects - also in listed areas - energy-efficient new buildings and master planning for the development of residential and commercial quarters. His curiosity is directed towards the realization of mixes of uses that can be sustainably combined into a resilient, autonomous and harmonious system and into lively urban quarters, and buildings that, due to their structure, can be adapted to changing requirements with little effort and can thus be used in their substance in the long term.

Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl

Systemic Consultant and Moderator

Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl

Dipl. Kfm. Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl accompanies change in organizations. For more than 20 years he has worked worldwide as a consultant and facilitator at the interface of
organizations and design. His main focus as a systemic organizational consultant is to help shape sustainable futures for organizations and make work more human in the digital age - by connecting people and issues.

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“We believe that empathy and optimism are at the heart of effectively resolving the messes we are embedded in.”
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