Challenge & Approach

An open knowledge and innovation culture is crucial for social cohesion, as well as economic value creation in Germany. We supported the open innovation department (InnOsci) from the Stifterverband to develop a holistic understanding of the innovation system together with the main actors in the field.

The aim was to uncover opportunity and to design guidelines for governmental actors as supporting tool for decision making.



Our Services

Process Concept, User Research support, Workshop Design, System Mapping

Project Team

Fabian Gampp, Gian Wieck, Sebastian Siebzehnrübl


In a six-month participatory innovation process, we mapped and analyzed the system. In the beginning, qualitative interviews were conducted with stakeholders from various sectors of the innovation system. The insights gained from these interviews were brought together with extended desk research and studies. This helped us to focus on specific further research questions. With this knowledge as the basis, we opened the process to all actors from the field. During a two-day workshop, we collaboratively mapped out the system from different perspectives. The roughly designed system map then was developed further and validated later in the process.


As result of the system innovation process an interactive system map was designed which provides insights about the dynamics in the open innovation system in Germany.
This map is now used to determine opportunity fields and to develop impactful interventions to positively influence the system. In a final report all insights are gathered and guidelines are formulated.

Open System Map